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Hey guys, I am not knowledgeable about partitioning and I am hoping someone can help me out.

Is there a way to make 3 primary partitions for three different OS (win7, ubuntu, and future windows 8) yet still be able to access all my documents, pictures, songs, games etc when I am running any 1 of the three operating systems?

so basically 3 separate operating system partitions, and one other that houses all my other stuff which can be accessed at any time.

Thank you guys for the help!
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  1. Yes... Your best option would be to create your three partitions and save your files / documents onto a separate hard drive. Within each OS partition, you would like your USER files to the secondary separate hard drive, which will be updated from any of the OS.
  2. Ok, Thanks for the answer!

    I wasn't sure if I could just make 3 primary partitions, and one extended partition for documents ( which would be further divided in 3 logical partitions --> 1 for games, 1 for music/video, and 1 for all other documents).

    Would this also work or no?
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    It would work, but it's a little more complicated than necessary.

    Plus, you would be pre-assigning the space for games, documents, and media. So you could run out of room for one while you have plenty of space for another. It might make more sense to have one data partition with different root directories for games, media, and other.

    Oh, by the way: Back up early, and back up often. Otherwise, a hardware failure can make your partitioning irrelevant.
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