Blown PSU or something else?

Today I got my new PC. After I connected everything I turned it on impatiently, just then I heard a boom! I knew something went wrong so I pulled away the power cable and opened the case. But there was no smoke or smell of anything burnt. Then I remembered that I had forgotten to change the voltage from 130V to 235V (235V is standard in my region). But even after changing the voltage the PC would still not turn on. I'm gonna try and see if it works by replacing the fuse of the PSU. What do you guys think?
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  1. psu is dead
  2. ^+1. @OP: What PSU model? Imo, unless you know WTF you are doing opening a PSU is a Very Bad Idea.
  3. Hopefully it didn't take anything with it when it blew. When you replace it, get a modern PSU with full range Active PFC (no little voltage switch), and 80+ certification.
  4. Well my 5 year old IBM machine had the voltage switch, but it had been set to 235V from the beginning. I didn't know at first that the PSU doesn't change automatically like other appliances which work universally. Its a weird design.
  5. Those without the voltage switch DO switch automatically. Five years ago, fewer PSUs were like that. Today, only cheap ones still need the switch.
  6. I'm feeling I got ripped off lol. I got this PC from ebay at $455 (used). Its i7 920 with hd 4850, but now I think it'll take me the full cost of building everything from scratch just because of one mistake :(
  7. Did it go boom after you turned on the power switch on the back?
    I think that if you didn't hit the power button on the front of the pc you might get off lucky.
    For that money! I bet if you look at it even closer you'll find it's not even an i7...
    I think you've been had!
    But borrow a power supply and try it out, it might have survived and only the power supply blew out.
    Best of luck!
  8. It went boom right after I turned on the power switch on the wall. Then I was confused what had happened. Couldn't find anything wrong around me lol. After that I pressed the power button on the machine but no response.
  9. Before you open the PSU, read as much on Google about replacing that fuse. If you have any experience with soldering, it'll be easy. If you have the kind of PSU that lets you pop out the fuse and insert a new one, then that's really, really easy.
  10. hundredislandsboy said:
    If you have the kind of PSU that lets you pop out the fuse ...

    Unfortunately, every PSU that I have opened had a pig-tailed fuse soldered to the PCB. A pig-tailed fuse is less expensive than a fuse and fuseholder - maybe by just pennies, but in a large production run, pennies add up.

    Back to your original problem: plugging a PSU set to 230 volts into a 115 volt outlet will not damage the PSU. It just won't work. The converse, however, is not true.

    I think that you were just unlucky that the PSU chose that moment to die.
  11. thats what he said he did.. plug it in set to 115 on a 230volt wall socket.

    rule number 1.. dont buy computers on ebay.

    rule number 2.. see rule number 1

    I'd start with listing everything you can about the computer here.

    and probably getting a new power supply.

    If you paid with paypal put in a complaint with ebay
  12. The best part of what you said is that it went boom before you could press the power button on the pc!
    If you can, borrow or buy a power supply and install it into the dell and try it.
    If you can't do it then get a friend to install it....
    It should fire up and run or at least give you some beeps....
    Please let us know what it does....
  13. Have you opened the PSU yet? If you do, it'll be easy to see the fuse and the black stain inside if indeed the fuse blew up. If yo can't return it, a local computer repair shop shoudl be able to replace the fuse if you're not able to do it yourself.
  14. I took it to a PC shop and they found out that only the PSU was damaged. They said they'll fix it up by changing some things which I cant remember what and I can take it on Saturday (today is thursday in my place).

    @johnnyq1233 yes it boom even before I pressed the power button on the PC.

    @HundredIslandsBoy I didn't dare opening the PSU after what I did lol. I let those guys handle that.
  15. lucky you ok next time if you ever see a psu with a lil red switch in the back drown it in nitric acid ok, you dont need this happening again
  16. I've learnt my lesson :D I wont do it ever again.

    @jsc the PSU was set at 115V and the volt outlet was 235V.
  17. Generally the damage will be limited to the high voltage side - fuse, large high voltage capacitor, and high voltage transistors.
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