3870 x2 DVI to HDMI sound

im wondering if i can disable ATI's card side sound in favor of my soundblaster fatality? and if so, how?
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  1. There might be an option in CCC relating to HDMI Sound output. Although Ive only ever uses CCC in Linux and have no idea where you'd find it offhand. Check Control Panel too ( Im assuming you have Windows ) and look there for anything relating to sound, output, and hardware devices. Wish I could be more helpful, but Ive never made use of that feature in Windows.
  2. yea, i hate the onboard, i mean when you spend almost 300$ on a sound card... you wana use it
  3. hmm can i just set my X-FI Fatal1ty as my sound device and have it work through the HDMI cable?
  4. BUMP
  5. Does the 3 series have sound? I thought that started with the 4 series? DVI also doesn't support sound, thats DMI.
  6. oh the 3870 x2 does support it, because i need to disable it, and it is indeed doing sound through DVI
  7. You will not be able to run your Fatality sound card through the ATI HDMI output as far as I know.

    What OS are you using BTW?

    On Vista and 7, it's extremely easy to switch between sound devices. You just go to playback devices window (by right clicking on the windows speaker icon in the system tray) and choose your default device.
  8. Vista of coarse, so i guess i gotta use my small pc speakers until i can buy some new ones...
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