Hard drive unallocated space not visible!!

i hav a seagate barraacuda 500 gb hard drive.recently i tried to shrink a partition and create a new partition from the freed space.i used a third party software- minitool partition wizard. now this software was able to shrink my C drive from 100 gb to 60 gb,but failed to create a new partition,giving the error-"failed to mount drive". Now the 40 gb unallocated,unformatted space i freed is not visible in minitool partition wizard or windows disk management.they are showing that my drive is 450 gb,but before it was 500 gb!! How do i recover the 50 gb lost space? please help!!!
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  1. Use "Disk Management" in Windows to fix partitions, allocate, and format:

    Start/Computer/right-click/choose Manage/choose Disk Management in left pane/Choose disk in right pane/right click for options.
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