Intel X25M 120 GB Solid State Drive, Advise

I just ordered a Intel X25M 120 GB Solid State Drive with Internal SATA and Power Cables MLC Flash Technology, 2.5-Inch. should i have bought the OCZ Vertex. it will be my main drive. I herd intel is the best. advice/suggestions.
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    Any solid state drive is an improvement over mechanical drives. Don't worry! Be happy! Enjoy your new drive! :)
  2. I have an Intel X25-M G2 80 GB and OCZ Vertex 2 240GB drives in my personal systems. There is little difference in "real-world" usage. Each drive has their weaknesses and strengths in certain applications. We can debate back in forth on benchmarks and which one is the better overall drives but in the end, any the worse SSD, is a major upgrade over a mechanical hard drive. I'm in agreement with JohnnyLucky on enjoy your new drive & be happy.
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  4. thanks guys
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