Im building an solid cherry wood case-yet i need sound reduction help

Im building an solid wood case made out of cherry...Meaning i could create spaces in my panels....

think spaces between walls,and studs.

So my question is, what would be an good idea for for muting the most decibels that i can .

I will have multi fans of these fans,due to the large in the space i'm building.
The case WILL have large spaces,for the eventual large water cooling system I'm going to build.
(The fans)

I'm wondering if it would an good idea to go for the layers idea.

Cherry plywood, dense foam,Lead sheet,dense foam, cherry wood

Whats your input?
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  1. Foam/Lead etc works well but not as well as easier to apply and thinner products.

    You can buy sound proofing sheets from computer suppliers (some of them), I noticed (I think that's the site) sold them. It's basically stick on rubber thats designed to reduce resonance and block noise.

    I find that reducing the number of fans and using the quietest fans to be a good start, also using an SSD drive will cut noise. Even at their lowest speed rating, most fans contribute a lot to noise, so the less fans the better (with regards to noise).

    Watercooling will be good, but with a sound deadened PC case, it may be quieter to have a single 120mm PC fan inside the case, than a pair of 120's running slowly outside the case for example. Might be worth thinking about.

    You may even be able (if you dont want to overclock) get away with a huge heatsink that can be run passively (no fan).

    Edit: reply to dynamat quote above, I did car audio previously, and Dynamat Extreme is definately THE best sound deadener product I ever found. I was just unsure of how its reflective nature would impact a PC. In a car you want it to reflect the sound inside, but absorb resonance in the panel, and block outside noise. In a computer you want it to absorb the internal noise, I'm not 100% sure on the topic, I have some DMX and spare computers at home, I might do some experimenting.
  2. I am PLANING on getting water cooling alot of my Hd's ,and other components,yet Im going to over clock with cpu fan maybe. Im building my case so that i can have an super powerful fan blowing directly onto the mother board
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