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I recently purchased a Phenom II 965 Black Edition, and over clocked to 3.8 Ghz. I thought that I was cpu limited, and it turns out I was after upgradin to this, as well as overclocking. I was wondering what the highest clock speed is that anyone has reached stably with a 965. I have a Cooler Master V6GT as well, so it stays pretty cool.
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    I think 4Ghz are common and popular, and most people seek a safe 4Ghz daily usage with vCore1.44V and the temperature should not exceed 60C when the CPU stress test and game fulload 55C
  2. Thank you for the quick response!
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  4. my friend achieved 4.0ghz stable, tested 8 hours on prime95 and btw he uses Cooler Master V6GT too, some time ago he told me that he tried to reach 4.2ghz but he did not mention that again so i dont know if he really done it or not or whether it was stable or not
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