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Hello all

I once again find myself unable to make a decision and thought it best to seek help from those that know.

I am looking to buy an external HDD to back up work but cannot decide what to buy. I was thinking of an esata compatible HDD as USB 3 is a little too expensive at the moment, both will work on my PC. I narrowed my search down to this drive, it seems a little cheaper than others and within my range (10,000 - 15,000 yen)(120 to 180USD)

http://en.item.rakuten.com/logitec/lhd-ed1000sau2/ Japanese page translated.

I live in Japan so not sure if the model name is different from other countries?

Another option I saw on a thread here is using a standard internal HDD with an enclosure. Iguess I could also put in another HDD inside the PC case also. I am a little confused which would be best for price, performance and reliability. My motherboard is Asus P7P55D-E EVO and has currently 1 internal HDD (Seagate Barracuda)

Thanks again for the help, I need to back up 400gb of artwork ASAP;)

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  1. The external hard drive you picked is fine. Besides there are only 4 major hard drive manufacturers: Seage, WD, Hitachi, and Samsung.

    Price is a little bit high compared to US market. Here in US you can get 1TB ext drive for as little as $60 or less.

    The enclosure for the second option is not a computer case. It is just a box 20%bigger that regular internal 3.5in hard drive.

    Another alternative is to order thru Amazon and paid international shipping. In the end it is cheaper than your original budget.
  2. Thanks for the reply electrontau!

    I was aware that the enclosure was not a PC case, I was thinking of an enclosure or putting another HDD inside the PC case (there is available space/ connections). Sorry for not explaining too well!

    There are 1tb ext drives here for about 60 USD or less but not esata ones (only USB2). If you know of any esata 3gb drives at that price please let me know and I will order from US!!

    Thanks again for the feedback
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