Monitor Goes Black during startup and after. Anyone got a solution.

Anyone know why it does this. My computer monitor is black on start up and it is black after it finished starting up. I do not see any kind of image at all. The computer is going fine and I can hear the music of the start up. The power button on the monitor stays green. However, after I turn it on and off about 5-20 times the screen finally has an stable regular image like it should (During the 5-20 of turning the screen on and off, about 50-75 percent of the time I see my startup screen for just a second then it goes black again and as I keep shutting it off and on it seems as if the screen gets brighter as it turns on before it shuts off again).

-My computer is a dell and my monitor is a dell to.

-ATI MSI 4670

(I made sure are the power connectors and cords were securely in)

(I also made sure my graphics card was securely in too)

Thank you for ready
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  1. Do you have any other display device you could plug it into (your TV, another monitor, etc.). Many devices have VGA hook-ups. If you have another computer, you could try that computer in the monitor. I would also try a different VGA or DVI cable (not sure what type of connection you are using). I would rule these things out before focusing on the GPU. Your monitor could be going bad.

    If you rule these things out, you may be looking at a bad video card...which requires a replacement video card.
  2. too have same anyone know the solutions.............
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