So I just found out this RAM has some problem.

It's OCZ OCZ3p1333LV4GK Platinum 1333Mhz 10666 7-7-7-20 RAM.
For that timing with 90$ with MIR, it looks pretty dang impressive so I bought it.
But after awhile, I read reviews with for this ram, and I saw many many mixed reviews.
While some have no problem and perfectly enjoyed it, some had really bad sticks and they had to RMA the whole thing.
Is it really the bad RAM? I thought OCZ was known reliable. While it does have lifetime warranty, Does it have any issue with the motherboard (ASUS M4A77TD AM3 DDR3 ATX) I'm going to get?
Anyone have issues with this ram?
Is there a way to fix it if there is a problem? I saw some people say that you lower the vcore to 1.65 or 1.64 and it would fix them.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. If you don't have any problems, stop worrying. Any brand of ram can go bad; both crucial and corsair have had some lemons in the past. You can check asus website for tested ram for your board. And some problems may be related to operator issues, not the ram. You have to select the right voltage at the first posting, so you may want to use just one stick. I don't change timings; I let the board select them. The faster speed may only work when overclocking.
  2. IF your going by the user reviews just remember that most of those users do not know how to go into thier BIOS and correct settings (they assume everything should set itself) and with so many DDR3 modules out there at so many different speeds\timings\voltages there is no way the BIOS is going to be able to do that and thus sets it down to a safe setting which means you wont get what you paid for unless you make sure the settings are correct manually - so I'd say the majority of the bad reviews are from end users that do not know how to set the settings and just wind up RMAing them instead of making a call to support to see how too get the settings corrected.
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