Sparkle gtx260 or 4870 vapor-x

Hi guys
I have to decide on one of them today.

Note that they have exactly the same price in my country(Turkey), 215 USD.

My screen is 19" and 1440x900.May be i'll move on a larger screen much later.


Btw, my mainboard is Asus P5W DH Deluxe, which supports crossfire.I'm not leaning towards crossfire, yet.I don't know if i should consider it in the future.Because, probably a new gpu will come out a year later and beat two of 4870s easily...
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  1. Why does nobody list the compatibility with SLI and Crossfire? If your motherboard supports one but not the other, it will be a cheaper upgrade down the line if you get that company (SLI-nVidia, Crossfire-AMD). However, a 260 will beat a 4870 in most benchmarks and I have not heard anything about the brand Sparkle, but Sapphire is notorious for having bad support.
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  3. If you don't want crossfire, the 260 is a better choice. However 2 4850s will beat a 4890 in most games just as a quad-core smokes a dual-core in multithreaded applications.
  4. Why 260?
  5. Quote: "a 260 will beat a 4870 in most benchmarks"
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