Help me stabilize my i5-760

ok so i overclocked my i5-760 up to 4.0ghz and it was stable (8 hours prime95, intelburntest 30 times)
cpu voltagewas: 1.344v
temp: 40C idle, 63C Load

problem is that i cant go more than 4.01ghz :heink: !! anything above that and system is unstable, bsod on the first test on intelburntest, so its a cpu issue not ram

i tried to up my cpu voltage up to 1.4v but with no benefit at all, im afraid to raise the voltage more than that, is it safe to do so, like whats the maximum safe voltage for i5-760, on it says 1.4v, is it okay to keep on raising the voltage as long as my temps are okay, and most importantly will that benefit stability?

if its not a voltage issue, what else can i do to stabilize it, i think my temps may allow me to go a little bit farther up to 4.2-4.3ghz i guess :sol:

and btw i wanna hear from ppl who has i5-760, what was your achievement and what are your temps, maybe i have a bad chip thats y i cant go higher :??:

here is my current spec:

Mobo: asus p7p55d premium

psu: thermaltake litepower 700watt (btw what do u think of this psu? is it good for overclocking?maybe its a psu issue?!)

ram: 4gb kingston hyperx ram with heat spreaders (KHX2000C9AD3T1K2/4GX)
ram currently running at there factory spec which is:
ddr3 2000mhz
9-11-9-27 timing

cpu cooling: thermaltake frio ock

gpu: gigabyte HD6970
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  1. Try keep blk at 200 x 21multiplier, qpi auto, 1.376 vcore, 1.2 vtt / imc , 1.62v dram, 1.8 cpu pll, 1.05 pch also try ram ran at 1600mhz and relax timing to 9-9-9-30
  2. thanks man, but hey have u forgot that no two chips oc the same, what worked for you may never work for me, anyway relaxing the ram timing is a good idea i will try that and report back if any success
  3. guys, anyone . . . aint there a way to reach 4.2 ghz stable?!!
  4. If your system can't clock that high, it's not going to.
    Your temps become irrelevant at a certain point.
    With your voltage how it is you've probably met your limit.

    And no, it's not always okay to keep rising voltage on your cpu if temps are low, that's a good way to overvolt and ruin your cpu.

    I'd say you've definitely got a solid overclock at 4GHz with a 760.
  5. so i guess i will stop there at 4.0ghz, well at least if you think thats a good oc :)
    cz i was thinking like maybe im unlucky and i have a bad chip cz i heard stories of i5-760's going all the way up to 4.5ghz
  6. It's solid.
    What are you primarily using your pc for?
    Maybe the 2500K clocking to to 4.5GHz.
    Can't really see a 760 clocking up that high (stable enough for daily use anyways)
  7. i use it for gaming, gaming and gaming, then some web browsing
    but really i spend 4-6 hours a day gaming and i like to play all the latest and most demanding game titles, and one thing i care about is to eliminate stuttering and raise the min fps to achieve smooth, responsive, and fluid gameplay ;)
  8. Are you getting "stuttering" with it at 4GHz?

    ps, you should overclock your 6970 too!
  9. i was getting with my old rig, q9550 @ 3.4ghz, but i doubt ill get now with my 4ghz i5 :)

    and regarding overclocking the 6970 i think its too early now, maybe later, cz actually now there is no current game the 6970 cant handle, maybe when battlefield 3 come out i will consider overclocking it ;)
  10. 4GHz is definitely a good OC then! :D

    Enjoy your gaming!
  11. soudi, You have almost exactly the same build I have on my machine I build 3 months ago and I have only been able to get up to 4.01 GHz as well. Really, if you think about it, that IS about a 50% OC so its definitely not bad!
  12. yes indeed its not bad, anyway my cpu is dead (thermal paste on pins) :(

    so i had to buy a new build as i could not find any socket 1156 cpu here where i live ( i live in Dubai)
    anyway i bough an i7 2600k and asus maximus IV extreme and currently in the process of overclocking, i will be posting my results on the oc forum when iam done
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