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Right now I'm working on building a computer that runs on a core I7 processor. Do all LGA 1366 socket motherboards support Hyperthreading? I plan to buy an Asrock Extreme X58 motherboard. I went to and they never mentioned that this board supports hyperthreading. When I went to Asrock's website it says there that this Mobo support hyperthreading. I know that the people at Tom's Hardware have tested this Mobo. I just want to find out if this really supports hyperthreading. If it doesn't I just plan to purchase the Ascrock Deluxe X58 Mobo.
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  1. Pretty sure all 1366's support that feature.
  2. Indeed they do. It's not a feature that's on the motherboard, it's entirely dependent on the processor.. and all of the i7s support hyper threading.
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