I need help... My Computer Powers on, but does Post or Boot

I got a Gigabyte M61PME-S2P with Crucial Ballistix Tracer ( 4-4-4-12 2.2 V ) my processor is a AMD X2 5000+ ( Socket AM2 ).The problem I am having is that it powers on the power light in the front goes on, all the fans in the case including the CPU HSF goes on... I get not HDD light though nor do my memory sticks LED light up anymore... ( The LED on the ram is to indicate ram activity ) I am going crazy trying to figure this out. I called Gigabyte and they told me most likely the ram I am using Crucial Ballistix Tracer is not compatible with my setup. The recommended voltage for memory is 1.8 V. I have been run my PC with this same setup for about a year and it just decided to fail last week... :o Can somebody please help me or give me advice or something. Anything would be great thanks everyone! :hello:
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  1. Do you have a case speaker? If so, is it 'complaining'? If not - you really need one - cheapest piece of diagnostic equipment you'll ever see...
  2. I'm going to order one and I will report back with beeping codes, thanks by the way for the help... :D
  3. Always welcome... I have seen a few problems here that seem specific to Crucial memory - it, once in a while, seems to 'degrade' over time, i.e., a once-working MOBO setup will no longer work, tests show memory problems, and 'loosening' the RAM timings fixes it...
  4. The thing is I just bought Corsair DDR2800 2GB and they are doing the same thing... but that also might be the fact that it is operating at 2.0 V, not sure... but thanks for the info. If you know any other pointer the input would be great... thanks ! :hello:
  5. This checklist should help you methodically troubleshoot your problem.

  6. Thanks for the input shortstuff_mt ... I'll take a look at it, thanks again. :hello:
  7. No problem. Good luck!
  8. Check this out just bought a case speaker to test the motherboard for the beeping codes, the thing is that the speaker is not making any beeping sounds. Does this mean my motherboard is fried? :o
  9. If you strip everything off the motherboard except the CPU, HSF, PSU, the system speaker, and the case power switch and you turn the system on, you should hear a series of long beeps indicating no memory. If you get silence either the PSU, omtherboard, or CPU is bad. Or you have something physically shorted.
  10. I just finished doing that and I am getting no beeps what so ever... I was wondering you think the memory shorted my motherboard, my memory is Crucial and it runs at 2.2 V and the required volts for the motherboard is 1.8 V. I even called Gigabyte to verify it. Do you really think that the memory shorted my motherboard... Please Help Me! :o
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