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Hey everyone,
I am thinking of getting a Samsung 2233RZ 120hz monitor. The 120hz refresh rate sounds very beneficial for gaming and I plan on picking up the nvidia 3d glasses in the near future. However, this is almost a downgrade since I have a 24" 1080p capable monitor as it is.
Do you think that these new 120hz monitors are worth it? I have two GTX 275's in SLI so I should be able to power the 3dvision.

I also noticed that they are out of stock at most places. Is this a sign of high demand or of Samsung not making them anymore? Should I wait for cheaper/bigger options for 120hz??
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    120hz monitors are wonderful, but it really is up to you if you want it. Try to get some viewing time at a store, or a friend who owns one. I personally love the 120hz look and feel, but my wife finds it very disconcerting, often suffering severe eyestrain within a few minutes.

    So i didn't bother getting one, but really wanted to, heh. Figured I would save some cash since it would be running at 60hz half the time anyhow.

    There is also the arguement that interpolation (the process that creates the extra frames should you be supplying it with less than a 120hz signal) creates visual lag, and can also be a detriment to gaming. Though I have yet to experience this phenomenon to any measurable degree in my limited experiences with 120hz Monitors and TVs., many people do report suffering from this choice. Perhaps it was early tech teething, I don't know, but it may be a consideration for you.

    The shortage of 120hz is a combination of demand (decent) and supply (not so decent) as it is a newer technology, and the companies have a LOT of unsold old tech to get rid of first before saturation.

    As for waiting... the common belief is to get what you can afford when you want to have it. If you play the waiting game for cheaper prices/more bang for the buck, you will never be satisfied or done spending, thus negating the whole principle behind waiting.
  2. if you get a 120hz monitor then it might be worth getting the bundle with the nvidia kit so you save a bit of money in the long run.
  3. Ah I see. Thanks for your input.
    Do any of you have an idea of when they may release bigger/higher resolution 120hz monitors?? I know that DVI has a bandwidth limit so it may take awhile but I'm not sure.
  4. Helloworld_98 said:
    if you get a 120hz monitor then it might be worth getting the bundle with the nvidia kit so you save a bit of money in the long run.

    Last time I checked the "bundle" was more than the cost of most 120hz on the egg plus the glasses separately... lol
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