Wow missing hard drive space

I uninstall WoW with the uninstaller, and while uninstalling received an error message saying that a file could not be found, and could not be deleted. I've manually deleted the "Wow installer" folder (worth 8 gigs) since I could not run the Uninstaller.

Now, i deleted the folder permanently, and i am still missing 8 GB of free space,and i cannot seem to find where those files are….

i don't think there is ANY WOW files on my HDD, so if i deleted, where's my 8GB space??

would really appreciate help, since its making me quite frustrated
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  1. Download freeware like CCleaner to clean up your files.
    Also running a defrag would most likely resolve your issue.
    Defraggler 2.03.282 is good.
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