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hey guys. i need some help here. just got finished building my new system. i installed windows 7 x64 without going into the bios and switching to ahci mode and now im stuck with standard IDE. Everything works great, but would like to take advantage of the ahci features. I have two hardrives that are both AHCI compatible and would like to reformat them to AHCI. is there a simple way going about this and could someone help me with maybe a simple explanation of doing so? I dont mind having to reinstall windows either since I have not installed anything on the hard drives yet besides updates but i can reinstall all that.
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  1. google how to do it... it only take a few minutes to switch modes. No re-install needed
  2. The hard drive does not need to be reformatted; the OS has to be told to load the AHCI drivers early in the boot process. Win7 made this remarkably easy; I think it can be done by changing the state of two services. I'll race you to a forum search for the info.

    I win!

    Here's one:

    Here's one on Tom's:

    And a gruesome one: Change the BIOS to AHCI, boot from the Win7 DVD, and do a repair installation. Seriously, I don't recommend this except as a second-to-last try. The last try is a new install with the controller set to AHCI mode.
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