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Antec 902 gaming case.
GTX 560 overclocked to 900 1800 and 2200
thermaltake 850 w PSU
foxconn h rs880 uatx MoBo (the problem)

This computer is basically a two year old HP that I have cannabalized over the last year. The only things left of the original computer is the MoBo and memory. I am a mid level gamer and the computer is used by the family for photo editing etc.

I would like to overclock the CPU but doing so with this crap MoBo seems imposible. As all the multipliers are locked. My question is does anyone know a safe way to unlock the MoBo maybe flashing new bios? There is very little support with this pre built system MoBo (Can't even find a user manual online) I don't have a budget at the moment for a new MoBo and as my CPU is really bottlenecking my system I would like to play games maxed at standard resoulution. Anyone knows a safe solution for overclocking a locked MoBo?
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  1. I believe the Phenom II x4 945 is a locked processor. You need black edition in order to have unlocked multipliers so you will have to tweak FSB settings. This link may help you out: http://www.techreaction.net/forums/showthread.php?t=367
  2. While I like the article (saved to my fav's for later referencing) I can't use it. My MoBo Bios are locked when I go into bios the Ram/ CPU options are greyed out so I can't access them to do an overclock and the multipliers are locked as it is not a BE CPU. So my question is there a way to unlock the bios on this MoBo? So I can OC.
  3. was not, bios Foxconn h rs880 has been locked and you can not overclock ...?
  4. Correct. I want to be able to O.C. The CPU but the Bios to this motherboard is locked I cant access the FSB or ram times to change anything. Does anyone know away to change the bios or unlock them some how? I am new to O.C.ing the CPU through the bios and curious if it is possible without buying a new MoBo.
  5. No one know how crack mobo locked. For better mobo with OCable + fitur acc. Maybe AM3+ if your budget enough
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