Can I change the mobo or processor in my xps 625

Hello Guys,I never posted here before but I have a question.I currently own an XPS 625 with an athlon x2 5600+ processor a 790x SB750 mobo claimed to made by dell Inc, a 750 watt power power supply and dual ATI radeon HD4670's crossfire.. Can I upgrade my processor without upgrading the Mobo?It is a nice mobo But I beleive it is an AM 2+..Also is there maybe an AM 3 board that will fit in this case..cause I have been looking into maybe an ASUS mobo and top of the line AMD chip..cause lets face it.. I could have 3 AMD chips for the price of 1 Intel top of the line... Any info on this would greatly be appreciated..thx
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  1. It's the AMD version of the XPS630 which is a completely upgradeable machine.
  2. Contacting dell to ask for the upgrade info is a waste of time..they sent me to someone in spare parts..who didnt know jack..probably just dissassembling parts from old pc's and tossing them in a bin.. could you elaborate as to what might fit in my mobo or what mobo would fit..
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    As far as I know the Dell board will only accept AM2 chips, you can upgrade the board with any standard ATX model.
  4. So can I buy an AM2 chip like the phenom11x4 940 Black edition install it and be good to go.. currently using Athlonx2 5600 Black edition <940>
  5. Yes
  6. delluser1 said:

    delluse1 You Rock dude..Thx for the info..
  7. You're welcome
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