WTB 802.11n PCI for Win7 64, which one?

I'm looking for an 802.11n PCI card for Windows 7 64-bit, I'm not sure which one to go with.

The "windows compatibility center" only lists the WMP600N as officially certified, but the newegg reviews on that card are not great.

I'm ideally looking for something that plugs in and works, but if I have to dig around for chipset or vista drivers, then I guess that's what I'll do. Compatibility is my biggest concern.

Right now I'm using my roomate's Buffalo router, but when I move out I'll probably change routers, so if there's a good router/card combination, let me know.
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  1. Did you get the WMP600N? I think I'm going to be buying it on my rig since it's down to $60 and I was iffy about it too due to the comments, but from what I understand, you will be fine if you go to railink. The people depending on linksys for the drivers are the ones complaining I believe. Going to order it soon, so I'll post on the results if you haven't already purchased something.
  2. I eventually purchased the TRENDnet Wireless n PCI adapter, which received the best reviews on Newegg. TEW-623PI.

    Works great out of the box with the automatically installed drivers from Windows 7 for me, and a number of reviewers said the same thing.

    Currently around $50 after shipping:
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