Lack of fan connections on motherboard 3-4 pins

So i have bought a corsair 800 D case and a Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD6 mother board.

The mother board has the following connectors/pins :

2x 3 pin system fans
1x 4 pin system fan
1x cpu fan
1x 3 pin pwr fan
1x 3 pin pch fan

I have the following fans/components requiring connectors

Case : 3x 140 fans (2 intake and 1 exhaust) all 3 pins
RAM : 1x 3 pin fan for the RAM

So in total i need 4x 3 pins

The mother board have 2 dedicated 3-pin system fan connectors. So i got two questions:

1) Can i connect a 3-pin fan to a 4-pin connector?
2) Should i just connect the remaining case fan and memory fan to the pwr and pch fan connectors? I dont know yet if these should be used for anything else. I assume here that the PSU fan is supplied by the PCU itself.
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  1. The deal is each fan connector will supply power based upon some measurement information. You may not get the fan you want to spin faster if the corresponding sensor isnt right - does that make sense?

    1. Yes the fourth pin is for RPM information - it works fine to use 3 pin fans on it in my system.

    2. They do make 3 pin fan T connector's - I am using one to power two case fans from one 3 pin connector

    Most PSU's manage their own fans currently. you could use it but it may not spin fast enough for you.

    You could make a 7volt connector and leave some fans at a low constant speed.

    I find the motherboard based fan connectors optimized to be quiet - they dont move much air until things get really hot.
    What I did: I used Speedfan to speed up my fans to move more air - helped a lot. Previously I used the 7 volt connector mod to keep them running at a mostly quiet level. both are fine if you ask me.
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