RAM OverClocking, DDR2 vs DDR3

hi guys, actually i just bought a new rig and finally i got into ddr3 world

ddr2 overclocking was easy enough, buy a good brand, set voltage to 2.0v then play with timings and speed until it gets stable

what abt DDR3, is it the same, raising voltage gives more stability?

i heard ddr3 rams cant withstand high voltages like ddr2 can

so whats the maximum voltage is usually safe for ddr3?

i have a good quality ddr3 ram, kingston hyperx 2000mhz 2x2gb ram (4gb total)
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  1. See if this is your set of RAM. The guy managed to bring it down to Cas 6 from 9 I believe? He posted the profiles showing voltage and such. It's a very lengthy guide/review and it's probably better for you to read through most of it before trying anything. http://www.overclock.net/intel-memory/809959-review-kingston-hyperx-4gb-2000-mhz.html
  2. @wintermint
    thanks a lot man, this guide is totally awesome :)
  3. There is no benefit of overclocking ram other than frying it. In fact some people underclock their ram so they can achieve a lower cas rating and lower the voltage.

    You do not want to overvolt DDR3, especially on a new Intel platform, anything over 1.65v can fry your cpu.
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