New built PC Crashs, Dont understand why!


iv built a new pc:

500w ocz psu
AMD Phenome x4 955 3.2ghz BE
8gb ddr 2 ram
AMD2+ Matx mobo
Windows vista 64 bit (latest bios and drivers)

Basically quite randomly, normally in the middle of playing a game,multi tasking, its quite random where it occours but basically the pc just freeses in the spot, if theres music playing it continuesly loops on the spot and the screen flickers, not totally on off put part goes black and it constantly refreshs.

A few times the blue screen comes out, but i donno what to do with the dumps where to find them etc.

I thought maby it could be a heat issue, but i ran a PCmark test, the GPU (onboard 8300) hit 70 degrees, CPU max 60-62 , Core temp (donno what that is) 65 max, Mobo 40, HDD 35. Temps taken from speedfan.

could the heat cause this? notting happend within the pcmark test.
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  1. What "8gb ddr 2 ram" kit do you have? Did you manually set the RAM speed/timings/voltage to the manufacturers specs in the BIOS? Have you run memtest86+ for a few hours to test for RAM errors?

    That's where I'd start.

    You also didn't list what HD you have. A dying HD can also cause symptoms like you're experiencing.
  2. Sounds to me like a driver problem. Are you running the latest drivers for your GPU?
  3. I got a OCZ 4x 2gb kitand no i didnt set it manually, (How do i do what??_

    i did however move the speed up to 533 as it was lower then it should of been, ill try the memory test, infact if i remember correctly on the blue screen there was somthing about memory i think.

    I installed the latest chipset driver,i think the gpu was included, ill have another look
  4. Also, check your RAM voltages are set correctly.
  5. You'll need to look in the owners manual to find out where to manually set the RAM timings and voltage. Your descriptions of your hardware are so generic that I have no idea what motherboard or RAM you have. There are a ton of "OCZ 4x2GB" kits out there. That doesn't really narrow it down much at all.
  6. I ran the mem test got a loada red errors,

    thats the specs of the memory, how do i set the timmings on a AIM Bios, normally the mobo picks upthe correct settings but it seems this asus doesnt lol,

    i think the memory must be casuing the problem as i doubt its heat as i played virtua tennis for around 3 hours and football manager for like 5 and the temps seem fine with the GPU onboard getting the hottest
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