E3300 3dmark vantage 15k (bottleneck)

I was wondering if the e3300 celeron cpu will be good enough if i put in a high end gpu to run with it. The celeron proccesser got 15k in 3dmark vantage its running at 3.5ghz (stock 2.5ghz)?

My real question is will there be a huge bottleneck with a gtx 260 teamed up with my e3300, also is 15k with the e3300 a good score?
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  1. No you would not see any kind of bottleneck with that kind of overclock and a GTX 260. Dont know a ton about 3dmark Vantage but that sounds like a decent score.
  2. cool thx guys i thought i would have to get a e8400 to run games with high graphics.
  3. hey mate i,ve got mine clocked at 4.5ghz with a p5ql pro 100% stable i,ve run stress test now for 2days..:)
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