Help please! I can't OC further than a certain point!

Hey guys, so I had this comp for about 2 years now? But the thing is back then I OC'ed it to 3.56 ghz (from 2.8) and it is still at that setting. I wasn't too worried about upping it more, but now a days I want more juice lol. So here's my specs:

Gigabyte GA-EP43-UD3l LGA 775 intel P43 ATX motherboard
Kingston HyperXT1 series 8 Gigabytes of DDR2 SDRAM at 1066 dual channel.
MSI GTX 580 Lightning Xtreme edition
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 Yorkfield 2.83 Ghz LGA 775
With Zalman CPU cooler
Rosewill Bronze Series 1000W continuous power at 40C

Both my CPU and GPU have arctic cooler paste on them.

So I can't get my CPU Host Frequency past 419 Mhz.... I don't know why.... I've tried changing the Memory Frequency and other stuff and I raised voltage to 1.35 vcore from 1.28 (Where it is now) and it won't budge. 420 gets my computer to hang and then reboot....
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  1. All systems have a point that they cannot get past. Sometimes it's the CPU, other times it's the mainboard or memory holding you back. I have a feeling that in this case it's the mainboard. 419MHz is actually quite good from what little I know about overclocking those CPUs.
  2. sigh I was scared that was the answer too.... Stupid motherboard lol
  3. It could be the motherboard. It may be the CPU. I have a C3 Q9550 that I couldn't get past 3.6 GHz (425 X 8.5). The E0 cores overclock a little better.

    It's amazing much the Core2's have spoiled people. Years ago, if you could get a stable 20% overclock, you were happy. Now everyone expects a 50% overclock.
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    When I had my Q9550 at 3.83Ghz my Vcore was 1.38750v, do you have voltage adjustments for PLL, VTT, and GTL?

    If you cannot manipulate at least your PLL, and VTT, voltages, you're pretty much dead in the water.

    Looks like in your 2nd picture the scroll bar is at the bottom, indicating there are no more voltages available to you, is that correct?

    A good overclocking 775 motherboard was critical in being able to get all you could from the Q9550, but don't even consider trying to find one today, the really good ones are long gone, you might find one on Ebay, but for what you'll pay for it, you could probably build an entire Sandy Bridge K series setup.

    I know this is like rubbing salt in a wound, but I didn't want you to think I was just running my mouth.

    The CPU-Z voltage in the picture is Incorrect, the actual BIOS voltage was what I listed.

    The picture below is rubbing salt in the wound, Sorry!

    It took an ASUS Striker II Extreme Motherboard to get there, that was as far as I got my Q9550, if ArthurH discovers this thread my little shine time is over.

    He reached 4.250Ghz.
  5. hahaha sorry for responding soo late!!! Ionno why I didn't see this in my email but ya no worries ryan. No offense or anything like that taken here. I'm just happy to know that I'm not doing something wrong lol. Thanks for all the help man I really appreciate it!
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