]Audio problem in windows 7

Asus P5B-VM

Im using windows 7 64 bits i already download the latest audio driver for my motherboard
and the sound is not working can someone help me the driver i downloaded its soundmax.

Thank you in advance
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  1. Did you download the 64-bit Win7 (or the 64-bit Vista) driver? Did you install it? E.g., if the file you downloaded was a .exe extension, you double-click on the file to install the driver. If it was a .rar or .zip, you have to unzip it and then double-click on the extracted .exe to install the driver. If you did that, re-start the computer, enter the BIOS settings and verify that the on-board sound in "Enabled," if it is not enabled, enable it, save settings and exit BIOS. You should have sound after the OS starts.
  2. Yes i installed windows 7 driver yes i installed it correctly the driver is working 100 percent i already checked in the device manager and i still have no sound i will try to enable on bios. thank you but that does not solve my problem.
  3. Have u checked default playback device
  4. i would say to you, look inside the audio preferences, then try your headphones on it, front and back jack, in case its your speakers not your sound card.
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