Fastest external hard disk 2.0

I need fastest usb external 2.0 hard disk for the real time play back of educational content.

Pushkar chufal
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  1. A PC hard disk (3.5") will spin at 7,200 r.p.m. which is faster than a laptop (2.5") at 5,400 and that's about as good as it gets in USB2.0. USB 3.0 might transfer faster but I doubt you'd notice the difference. SCSI disks spin at 15,000 but cannot (as far as I know) be converted to fit a USB caddy.
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  3. Your fastest would be a SSD attached via Esata.

    I suspect though that a less expensive conventional hard drive attached via usb would be fast enough to present info as fast as it can be viewed.

    Try that first to assess just how fast your solution needs to be,
  4. USB 2.0 drives transfer around 40Mbps. This is actually faster then what a DVD can do. (you can use an IDE ATA/33 cable) You should be able to use a normal USB 2.0 drive for what you want to do. If you have already tried this and it failed, what are your system specs? Perhaps you have a weak link somewhere else.
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