Choppy streaming video playback.

For the last month or so online video has been choppy. In troubleshooting the problem I've found that another computer on the same network doesn't have this problem so it's something to do with this particular computer and not the network or internet connection. Neither is the problem about buffering since it'll still be choppy after the entire video has loaded. As well, I can download and save a choppy video and play it back on VLC or even open and play it from within Firefox and it works fine. The problem is only when streaming videos from a website (all websites) whether in Firefox, Chrome or IE.

I've tried updating the Flash Player, DirectX and video card driver, I've tried turning on/off hardware acceleration in Flash, Firefox and Display within Control Panel, I've tried disabling my virus protection and firewall, I've tried locating and disabling startup programs and services associated with none running software programs....Nothing works.

Does anyone have any ideas I could try to fix this?

Windows XP Pro with Service Pack 3

By the way, I used HWMonitor to check CPU temp and max temp shows only 47C. Although Diode 2 (whatever this is) shows 67C max.
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  1. Move the other PC to the location of the bad one, see what happens. Make sure it's not the cable or jack. Did you try updating the network card drivers? Clear all temp files? Maybe reset the browsers to default settings.
  2. HWMonitor is not reliable, I installed and it read my motherboard temp at 120+ºC... nothing farther from the fact, so I removed it. Speccy is more accurate, but even at 67C/152F I don't think that woud be the cause.

    The problem may be caused by a full Internet caché and/or lack of free resources. Check the article with complete information and suggestions. And use CCleaner to clean your system thoroughly.

    Stop Slow Streaming Video

    Optimization and Cleaning
  3. Thanks guys but I need something beyond the basics. I searched for and read many solutions for this problem and have tried everything suggested. This seems to be a prevailing problem out there and, for the most part, the problem goes unresolved in the requests for help that I've found in different forums.
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