SSD + HDD Issues

Alright, I have a brand new system that I went fairly all out on:

Intel ssd 510 120 GB Sata3
WD 1 TB Black Sata 3
Asus Maximus Extreme 4 Mobo

Now I am running my Win 7 OS on the SSD, but it does not like the WD HDD which stores all my data. My music is on the WD HDD. When I play a music file on Media player, media player classic, or even winamp every few seconds I get a CPU spike and my music repeates the current note like 50 times in 2 seconds. It seems to get stuck, and I have narrowed it down to the SSD and HDD. The SSD has updated firmware, and from what I can tell, I am current on the drivers.

The songs play fine only when they are played without the HDD drive in.

The SSD is Marvell based so its running from that port, and I´ve tried the HDD on both the Marvell and Intel sata3 ports. If anyone has experienced this and knows a solution that would be greatly appreciated. $2500 and it can´t even play an mp3 well.

Thanks Again,
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  1. Is your BIOS set to AHCI for the SSD? You could have controller problems.
  2. Thanks for your reply.

    Yes its set to ACHI Mode. It seems my bios doesn´t always recongize my WD, since it shows up as not present while my SSD and DVD drives show up.

  3. Alright i have installed a new bios, updated a lot of the motherboard drivers (including a sata driver), and checked the ssd firmware, and still nothing. the weird thing is that when I install any drive on the Marvell Sata 3 side, the bios puts AOSO in front of the drive name. Not only that windows crashed while giving loading with a progress bar. If anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Update when I set any drive on the marvell controller, they show up as A0S0 for my ssd and A0S1 for my WD which I am assuming is Raid??? I guess my only option for now is to set them both up on the Intel side and deal with it until I can call Intel and Asus tech support.

  5. Solved, well it seems the solution was to put the drives on the Marvell sata connections, try to start windows, have it give you the blue screen of death twice, switch everything back to the intel sata connections, have windows repair itself for 10 minutes and viola a well running operating system that now plays mp3´s without residual noises. The cpu doesn´t spike to 88 percent every couple of seconds either.

  6. It sounds like you didn't have proper drivers at first.

    I recommend you do the following anyway:
    1. go to your motherboard website and see if your motherboard drivers are correct (open Device Manager to see driver numbers). If you don't use RAID you may not need some of the drivers.
    2. Download and run diagnostics for your hard drive
    3. Download and run Memtest (not directly related but always a good idea)
  7. Thanks for the reply, all of my drivers were current. I think that the problem may have been caused because when I got the SSD drive I assumed an Intel drive would use an Intel SATA controller, and installed Windows with the drive on that controller. Later on I found out that the SSD drive was designed to be used with a Marvell controller and switched it without re installing windows, and that may have caused the problem. Everything was fine after I made the switch back. It even fixed the intermittent playback issue.

    Thanks again for your reply, I´ll try out the rest of your suggestions.
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