XFX GTX 275 - Crashing / Locking

Hi all

Recently installed (about 2 hours ago) my new gfx card, the XFX GTX 275, which is replacing my old warrior of a X800.

Firstly, system specs:

AMD Phenom X4 940 Black Edition
Gigabyte MA790-DS4 Motherboard
4gb Corsair TwinX DDR2 8500
Corsair VX 550w PSU
XFi XtremeAudio
Raptor 32gb
Seagate 250gb

No overclocks and all the gear, excluding the XFI and HDD's, is no more than 3 months old.

The problem.

Well, browsing the web, MSN, Skype, playing music.. all not a problem. However, as soon as I load a game or something that requires abit of kick from the gfx (HD movie or XVID etc), after about 2-5 minutes, the whole system locks up and restarts.

I had a similar problem like this about 2 years ago and I vaguely remember the PSU being the source of the problem? Does anyone think that 550w isn't enough to power the GTX275? I checked XFX's website and the 'minimum' states 550w, however the XFX model for some reason states 620w?

I know the PSU calculators on the net aren't always the most accurate things - but I input my system and the recommended wattage was 381w.

Any ideas? I can dxdiag on request if needed?


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  1. yea its prolly your psu man, 550 is min and really with the rig you got thats not enough... when you play the game it puts alot more stress then normal on the psu to effectively run the gpu.. so its draining the psu alot, also prolly not enough amps but ya should check... but simple solution is upgrade the psu for sure 550 just dont cut it these days :) GL
  2. Anyone have any recommendations for a 'suitable' PSU?

    Shame really.. only just bought this Corsair but looks like it'll be going straight to eBay!
  3. yea man get the cosair 750w from newegg.. its 119.99 and its actually the psu im getting for my rig, check it out
  4. Leftover Ati drivers?
  5. yea that could be it, mix of drivers causing errors... check for left over files/dlls and such that the old card used, might be messin up the nvidia files
  6. Would that be in the regedit?

    I did un-install the ATI drivers but I suppose there could of been some files left somewhere. Will install it again and see what happens!

    ..just stuck the X800 back in as well.. haha.
  7. Also.. just been on Corsair's website and used their PSU calculator. My PSU comes up as one of the recommended one's to buy... must be a problem with what I've done then?
  8. Right, update.

    Still crashing to blank screen after less than a minute 'in-game' in Battlefield 2142. Also tried Assassin's Creed - lasted around 5 minutes before crashing.

    I'm getting an error reading "Display driver nvlddmkm stopped working and successfully recovered" each time I return to desktop. The drivers are the latest (190.38) and I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling about 5 times with no better results so far.

    Any ideas? As I said above, I've checked Corsair's site and my PSU is one of the recommended products when I enter my rig into their power calculator, although when I go to XFX's website, they say the standard GTX275 (i.e. non brand) needs a minimum of 550w (which I have). However the XFX version of the card (again, which I have) requires a minimum of 620w.

    Swings and roundabouts.. *sigh*
  9. Have you tried underclocking the card with Rivatuner?
  10. No not yet, are we talking a massive underclock or a very small one?

    Could a fresh install of windows make any difference? I'm thinking about switching over to W7, though I'm not sure what the general compatiblity is like atm? Could it be shooting myself in the foot if I upgrade?

    I'm just wary of spending £80 on a new PSU when i'm not sure if it's the cause of the problem or not..
  11. of defenltly upgrade to w7, that should fix the problem cause im sure its just interference thats messing it up... clean format never hurts :) plus vista= fail so you'll be better off imo

    Note: remove the ati before installing w7 ofc lol, make sure only ur geforce is in the socket
  12. By underclocking the card quite a bit, I would hope that the reduction in powerusage would show whether the PSU is really to blame for the crashes or if it is a software/OS issue.
  13. Will give Rivatuner a go now and see what happens, thinking a 100/200mhz reduction would be enough to show any defects in power?

    Failing this, clean install of Vista. Failing that, W7. Failing that, RMA. Haha.
  14. Thats a quality psu i dont think the problems there but its possible. What are the temps of your card? I no nvidia card drivers stop responding if your card overheats.
  15. Unless you can try the card in another rig, it's the path I would go down. GL
  16. Well my X800 has been in here for 3 years and never had a single issue. Upgraded to the GTX275 at the beginning of the week and it can't game for more than a minute on most things. BF2142 & Assassin's Creed = less than a minute actually in-game before it blank screens.

    Temps are running at 45 idle then around 65 in game.. but that's not an accurate figure due to the fact it doesn't last for longer than a minute so I'd imagine it would get slighter hotter than that in a full game.

    Call me stupid but I can't find the menu in Rivatuner to adjust the clock speeds?

    Main tab>Customize button>Little GFX card icon>Nothing there? Just fan speeds.

    Am I missing something, swear it used to be there?
  17. Ahh, Riva has not been updated in a while so it might not support your card, try EVGA's utility from their website it's written by the same guy who does Rivatuner but he gets paid for it.
  18. Guys, success! (so far..)

    Used EVGA's Precision Utility, decreased my core clock from 640 to 600 and it works fine. Been playing 2142 (looks awesome now!) for 2-3 hours and it's working fine.

    So, what could of been the cause of the problem? When I've finished playing I'll crank the core clock back up by 10 and see what happens then. Power maybe?
  19. Yup, sure looks like it. Is that card running standard clockspeeds?
  20. I just installed my XFX GTX 275 and had the exact same problem when Playing Batman Arkham.. I discovered that the fan on the card would just stop in the middle of playing the game. Without lowering the performance, I changed my settings to manually control the speed of the fan when Playing games and this helped resolve the issue. Still working on why the fan stops when the auto fan feature is enabled, and I start playing games. Doesn't really make sense.
  21. I got a similar problem with my xfx gtx 275. Sometimes i get a random 20 seconds freeze while playing a game, then the game resumes but textures are all wrong... other times i get the freeze followed by crash to desktop on 16 colors and an error message that says the nvidia driver stopped working and i should restart... and some other times it just crashes the whole system.

    Sometimes the eventviewer has a system error that says : "The driver nv4_disp for the display device \Device\Video0 got stuck in an infinite loop. This usually indicates a problem with the device itself or with the device driver programming the hardware incorrectly."

    Im sure its not an overheating issue since i got the error playing Mount & Blade and the GPU never goes beyond 60C , also i tried several drivers. Some days it works fine , and others like today it freezes a lot... it seems the problems happens more often as time goes by.

    My specs are :
    QuadCore Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, 2400Mhz
    Intel® Desktop Board DG31PR
    4GB (3.24GB WinXP) Kingston DDR2
    ThermalTake PurePower 500w (W0100RU)
    Windows XP SP3

    Could this behaviour be related to power issues ?
  22. I have the same problem. XFX GTX 275 core ed. Game randomly freezes, locks up for few seconds in intervals, and I get artifacts on the screen, eventually a bsod or reboot; even the w7 hardward assesment tool ends up in a bsod. I have an expensive 620w Corsair PSU so doubt that's the problem. I had an ~old mobo with a Phenom X4 9850; got new mobo and Q8200 today, same problem. I had a 9800GX2 for some time and didn't experience this, so it's definitely not a problem with power (gx2 needs way more). Putting in my old 8800 GTS there's no problem.

    I will return the card for repair or exchange; maybe it's a xfx batch with this same defect? Costed me $325 ;/ (europe)
  23. I had the same problem and it turned out to be my PSU. I had a Coolermaster 600 PSU which was not enough. My computer would restart while playing games. The games would run longer if i reduced the display resolution, texture quality etc.
    I purchased the Coolermaster 900 watt ultimate PSU and have had no problems so far.

    The GTX 275 definetly requires more than a 600 watt PSU.
  24. I get the same problem with my 3870X2. There are some 40+ page long threads on various forums detailing it and, as it affects all makes of cards, its generally accepted to be a driver issue and, more specifically, how Vista handles them. From what I can tell a reinstall, or possibly just a good clean with driversweeper, should hopefully fix it. My card is still going back because one of the DVI ports is faulty too!

    I have ruled out overheating and PSU problems (got a 680W Tier 2 SLI ready Hiper) and get either CTDs, lock ups or BSOD when I try to play a game. At first lowering the graphics settings allowed the games to work (similar in effect to underclocking the card I guess) however now even on lower settings they crash (I hope underclocking is a more permanent fix for your sake)!
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