DVI Signal Issue - Ongoing :(

Hey all, newly registered to the community but I research here a lot..

Anyhow, I recently built a new i7 box, quite the beast. I'm having one ongoing issue and that is while rebooting, my monitor will often display "no dvi signal" and I am forced to ctrl+alt+del restart.. sometimes several times. So bothersome!

When I first assembled my build, I was using Win7, I had installed all my latest drivers as well as flashed my bios.

I've also most recently reformatted with WinXP, again all the lastest drivers and bios are present.

And yet I still get this issue, sometimes I have to plainly kill the power to my PSu before my monitor will receive a signal.

For reference, here are my basic specs:

Intel i7 920 @ stock
Asus P6t Deluxe V2
24" Asus Monitor
700w OCz Quality PSu

I can't figure out for the life of me what the issue is, I've bought extension 6-pin connectors for my Graphics Card as my power cables were quite taut initially..eliminating the possibility of a short. As well as reformatted completely and attempted to fix.

Any advice is much appreciated !
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  2. I had the same problem with my 9800 GX2. I am sending the video card back to see if that solves the problem. Although mine also was not working on one of the DVI's and loosing all its settings when it finally did get into windows.
  3. No one else? :(
  4. I'm still testing this, just bumping to see if anyone new gives it a look.

    Same situation, losing signal is only caused while rebooting at this time. I've tried different driver builds and still the problem persists.

    Thanks in advance.
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