[XFX Nvidia] 680i Lt, Power Up Problem

Hey Guys

Ok im running the Nvidia 680i Lt SLI and its been a while since anything went wrong, prob a year or two
of flawless running

now its giving me a hard time and starts up erratically

If i push the power button on my case, All fans come on, the lights are all on [All three] but no display and no boot nothing happens,

now while i can hear all the fans on, if i push the power button nothing happens
but after a few random tries when i push the power button [WHILE IS PC IS ON ie. all fans on inside]

the power and HD light on my case light up and the boot process begins and i go into windows as if nothing ever went wrong

Now if i re-start the pc [from the start menu]
same thing again

the pc shuts down
and no power hd lights but all fans on

and i need to start pushing buttons again till the power / hd lights on my case come on and it starts

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  1. ....anybody ???
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