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Bought laptop, works great except when plugging in wireless or wire mouse, screen goes black after a few minutes, but computer is still on. Exchanged computer for another, thinking that was problem, but happened with the 2nd one also. Any suggestions?
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  1. Odd - sounds like the laptop power saving feature is kicking in and turning off the screen. Try adjusting the power saving features (in Programs -> Control Panel) to never switch off the screen and see if the laptop stays on.
  2. Forgot to mention that the mouse freezes up first before screen goes black, never happens when external mouse is disconnected. I will check the power saving settings, thanks.
  3. me to for my nv52. two words windows sh*tsta try upgrading to 7 for free at the gateway website try or getting a copy of xp and install according to the steps at this adress:

    if you decide to duel boot make sure you have the drivers for the laptop backed up and install them on xp after your done and able to duel boot with no problems. the only problem with xp is you will only be able to use 3gb of ram so ration it between your video card and virtual memory. this article looks like it will help with doing that

    i finally decided it was time to say hasta la vista :sol: good luck
  4. The fix is easy. I bought a NV 52 a month ago and was having the same problem as you guys. I took it back to Best Buy where I purchased it. The Geek Squad was having problems not finding the problem so, I took it back home. Had the option of replacing it with another but I wanted this one seeing I bought the last one in stock. I took the computer home that had nothing else wrong with it. I started my own investigation and found that it didn't have any upgrades for Vista. So, I downloaded the SP1 upgrade and fixed the problem. Now the problem was not with Vista. The problem is the function of the hotkeys made by Gateway. The F8 key will turn your monitor off with the help of the Ctrl key. Windows 7 will not be a fix for this issue. Because, The first Install is just like Vista. Microsoft fixed the errors os the Manufacturer's. That what is included in the Service Pack upgrades along with it security issues blah, blah blah. My Laptop is now at SP2 and yours shoulkd be to shouldn't have anymore problems with the SP upgrades. Mine works great now and I Love Vista. Be sceptical of installing Windows 7 Right now. it's new and every OS put out by any manufacturer is the best since that last until it is installed on laptops, descktops, and notebooks. That is where the issues come in. I hope this helps. :D
  5. i am having the same problems and for some reason every time i try and update my service packages they fail during installation. any idea why or how i can fix that?
  6. caronhockey said:
    i am having the same problems and for some reason every time i try and update my service packages they fail during installation. any idea why or how i can fix that?

    There is several things you can do. 1. Make sure your settings is set for Microsoft to download updates automatically. If that is not working you can go to the Microsoft update website and click on security issues. Find the SP2 update and manually download it. If, this doesn't work notify me again through this posting.
  7. i was able to install and download sp2 but it did not fix the issue. for my comp it seems to do it mostly when i am using an application that makes noise such as itunes or media player so i opened itunes and let it play. everything was fine for about a half an hour, but then the screen went black like usual
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