P5gc mx 1333 ram support

sir i wanna now if my motherboard would support GB MHz RAM am already using MHz 2 GB single channel module
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  1. slot one 2GB 800mhz memory installed . adding another 2GB module in my system will it be compatible with my motherboard.
  2. yes it will work.. Make sure your bios is updated though Not totally sure this is needed. ( I did that's why I'm telling you to. Its easy) The max ram you will see though is 3.37 usable or so cause the MB itself takes the rest. Its the stupid chipset on this motherboard. I have this with 2X2gb ocz sli pc2 6400 ram. This MB wont ever go higher than this. Maxed out and super LAME!
  3. thanks ur answer is quite satisfactory. but!!! as i read blogs over internet issue with 32 bit os not able to utilize full 4gb of ram. now installing 64 bit os in my system will itaffect my system performance because ?
    !we all know even today majority of the applications are 32 bit . 64 bit era is still a future..
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