With Nvidia card - AMD or Intel?

I'm wondering if it matters if I build a system with a Nvidia card whether I go with AMD or Intel. At the moment, Crossfire or ATI cards aren't considered an option since I use both Windows and Linux. When using Linux, it's more convenient and less of a hassle when using Nvidia cards. I know gaming is better in Windows but Nvidia cards are decent enough for that anyway.

But, I was wondering if there is any difference if you go AMD since most AMD chipset boards are geared towards using ATI cards. Should I make that a factor in my decision (of which to go with)? I would even go with older technology and P45 since I am going with a Nvidia card for the GPU but the argument to go with AMD Phenom II is pretty strong (price/performance). But, I don't want to wait for ATI graphics to improve in Linux. Anyway, any recommendations?

I would like to go with i7 but I think the total hardware cost/prices will be too much. This could have the potential of being more powerful than my Intel Q6600 system but I thought maybe have that as my 2nd system since it's already pretty decent but not as upgradeable. Also, it's in a rather small ATX mid tower (Antec Solo).

So, here are my options:

1) upgrade current build by moving it into a bigger case with new Nvidia card
a) build new system with old Nvidia 7950 GT as budget 2nd system and buy Q9550 for build above. The 2nd budget system has to be Intel then (as it would have Q6600 cpu). Or just move current components into larger case with newer Nvidia card. The 2nd build can be AMD or Intel with 7950 GT Nvidia card.

2) buy all new components for 2nd build. 'Can be AMD or Intel but I'd still want a Nvidia card for it.

Therefore, question is does it make a difference using Nvidia card?

AMD Phenom II and AMD mobo v.s. Intel P45 mobo and Q9550 cpu (I think this is the comparison). It can be DDR2 or DDR3 RAM as this is not nearly as important a comparison although the DDR3 Memory is more usable in case of transferring to another system (more potential for upgrading or longer term future use)?

Anyway, I hope I didn't make that too confusing but the general idea should be in there somewhere. ;-)

I hope obtain quite a few perspectives and recommendations since I'm so indecisive on this and I can find justification for either route.

A big thanks to anyone who replies, comments and/or recommends!!!!
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  1. Okay... You would like a Core i7 but out of your budget.. got it

    You want to know if you should go with an AMD Phenom II or Intel Core2 Quad (775) build? I would go for the AM3 955 BE on a AM2+ board to cut down on cost. You will not see much difference between DDR2 & DDR3 on the AM3 955 BE.

    Will Nvidia GPU work on an AMD or Intel board? Yes they will work fine as a single card only (No SLI). If you want SLI, you need to move up to the Core i7 or buy a Nvidia chip set (750i, 780i, or 790i), which most people will recommend staying away from Nvidia boards.

    Hope that helps you out some... :)
  2. overclock the Q6600 and add a more powerful gfx card

    these are final days of socket 775 .
    An i5 is only a few months away
  3. That helps (from both of you!). Thanks, Tecmo and Outlander!

    That helps me come closer to a decision....

    One more thing: if I would like a Nvidia GTX 260 Core 216, for e.g., is my Corsair HX520 PSU sufficient?

    I tried a power supply calculator site:


    I added a few extra power sources, 5 hard drives (I have extra data) and the totals came to 464 W. My current PSU is sufficient then and has enough or should I save the current PSU for a future new build?
  4. http://www.nvidia.com/object/product_geforce_gtx_260_us.html

    sroll down , minimum recommended psu is 500 watt . The HX520 is a very good psu and you will be fine
  5. The Asus power supply calculator claims 700 watts for a few hard drives, the Nvidia card and a couple of USB devices (I thought a laser printer uses up enough power to include it). That seems rather high compared to the other site I provided which worked it out to 464 watts.
  6. Get a third opinion and check out the calculator on Corsair's site,

    I think your 520 is cutting it close but can handle it. IMO, I would up the PSU to 650 to be one the safe side.
  7. Thanks, Tecmo, that's what I was figuring, too.

    I can use the Corsair 520 in the 2nd build, perhaps.

    Now, I just have to find out whether an AMD AM2+ or AM3 mobo can function with SMART (for hard disk monitoring) in AHCI mode.

    Ha, I know you're thinking, 'what the?!?' That was out of left field, wasn't it?!? ;-)
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