How many sticks of ram to use?

Trying to get a general consensus of how many sticks of ram to use in a system. My idea is to put 8 GB of ram in a system.

I think two is best, especially if overclocking. Is four any worse than two - if so, always? when overclocking? etc...

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  1. You forget, some desktop systems have 6 memory slots.

    Also, when you are doing multiple cores, each core is essentially a separate processor even if it's a virtual processor. So each Processor should have it's own memory even though in this instance it is basically shared between each core.

    But the things that are going to affect your performance with memory is this.

    - 1) the amount of memory
    - 2) rating of memory 16000 etc.....
    - 3) latency, the lower the latency the better
    - 4) heat dissipation (cooling)
    - 5) quality of memory

    There may be other factors to look at too which I am probably forgetting here. :)
    But it's enough to say that there are various factors which affect memory performance on a system including the system itself.

    I currently run 12GB of Good memory in my system with no problems and it runs better for it.
    But if I were to use better memory, it would run even better and if I were to use memory with really low latency, it would run that much faster too.

    If 24GB Tri-Channel kits were affordable, I would upgrade my system to a full 24GB right now as the X58 chipset supports 4GB per memory socket.

    With enough memory, you can do away with the need for using a swap file too. But having plenty of memory does serve it's purpose when you are running a 64-bit, multi-core system and programs do tend to run better as there is less need to for virtual memory.

    Plus you can run more programs without slowing the system down. Especially if you use multiple monitors as I do and have multiple stuff open on more than one monitor at a time.
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