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I am tyring to design a diy digital audio workstation device and am somewhat unclear about communication among the various processors I wish to put inside it. Currently I am looking at a Zotac board with an LGA775 slot and the GEForce9300 chipset to host the primary application processor. I will probably some form of Windows on this and this processor subsystem would be responsible for the User Interface and the intricate object model that underlies the digital audio workstation software. But I would also like to stick a dsp board into the unit to be responsible for dsp algorithms and digital audio I/O. I have my eye on the Texas Instruments OMAP-L138 module, which includes on-chip a TI C674x floating point DSP as well as an ARM9 processor.

What I'm not so clear about is the best means for connecting the Intel and TI subsystems and implementing programmatic communication and memory transfers. Would I want to try to set up shared memory between these two modules or is there an established processor to processor communication standard I could use with DMA memory transgers. This is a part of the picture I am still trying to get my mind around.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. I'm sure if such features are possible with the DSP module you wish to purchase there will be drivers and utilities bundled with it to allow you to set this sort of thing up.
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