Overclocking password?

Hi guys, I'm not sure if this is in the right section... b ut I'm new so please cut me some slack :p

Basically, I just built myself a new SB build, and my GPU and mobo includes OC software in Windows.

However... non-admins seem to be able to open the software! Will they be able to overclock my PC? This is a shared computer, and I don't want anyone to blow up my PC.

Perhaps I should make a BIOS password? Will this stop software from OCing?

Thanks guys.

I daren't leave my PC alone!
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  1. Best thing to do for those overclocking zombies is uninstall the overclocking software, then just in case, I like to use mouse traps around the keyboard and mouse! :)

    Last part was a jk! Sorry couldn't resist! :)
  2. Like ryan said, do not install any Windows based overclocking software. Then do not permit users to install software.

    Learn to use the BIOS to overclock your system. And password protect the BIOS. That will solve about 95% of your problems.
  3. Cool thanks ryan and jsc :) i'll have to snoop around the forums to figure out how to OC in bios tho...
  4. Thanks for the replies guys - when trying to set a password it asks for a supervisor password and a user password? sorry if i sound stupid, but what are these two options?
  5. If you are talking about the BIOS, the supervisor password will let you into the BIOS to make changes. The user password will let you boot the system.
  6. Cool thanks for the help :) bit annoyed that i have to uninstall the software tho - I found it pretty useful... :'(
  7. Learn how to do it in the bios will be better anyway.
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