I5-2500k Temp readings

Hi, my CPU is running really cool when idle, which I know is a good thing, but its claiming that it is 16-19C. I know I'm in Canada, but it still seems like it should be warmer.
My setup is a Silverstone RV03, the third raven model, I put a Hyper 212 Plus on my CPU and used Arctic Silver 5, plus I added one additional 120mm fan into my case.
Today I decided to OC'd it to 3.8GHz it to see what it would run at with Prime95 and it was reaching 44-48C max, and only 40C max when not OC'd.

I want to believe these number because I know they're great, however it seems like it shouldn't be so cold. My last CPU ran at 32C at its coldest. (which was an AMD 2500+ and an aftermarket heatsink)

Anyways, if these numbers are realistic that would be awesome, otherwise how can I get a real temperature reading of my CPU?

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  1. your temp I5-2500k at Prime95 and it was reaching 44-48C max is cool
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