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My winning eleven 8 is not showing any graphic but its making sound. I'm using a Dell inspiron 9400. And the operating system is windows 7 ultimate.. pls help me out I don't know which driver to download... VGA won't work..
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    select driver for GeForce 7900GS (I think that is the gpu in your laptop)
  2. You want the Go version of the driver, not the regular one.

    Note these are beta and are not guaranteed to work. Laptop driver support is handled by the laptop vendor, the issue is there are no Windows 7 drivers from Dell for this model.
  3. Pyree said:

    select driver for GeForce 7900GS (I think that is the gpu in your laptop)

    Thank So much.... I downloaded the A.T.I Driver and restarted the sysyem.. and it worked perfectly... But some times it suddenly shuts down and when I switch it on, it gives a problem details of "bluescreen". What the hell should I do to that now?
  4. Ok, what is the problem?
  5. The issue is probably that the drivers were not exactly made for your hardware. Those drivers are not guraneteed to work from nVidia as they are beta and are out there on a case to case basis.

    To get your laptop working properly, you need to run a supported OS with official drivers, or you will see issues like this. Now this may not be related to the drivers you got, but it's very probable.
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