What PSU should I get?

750watt or 850watt...

Asus P7P55D Pro - motherboard

8 Gb G.Skill -ram

W.D 640gb -HD

Core i7 860 -cpu

Cooler Master Scout Sniper case, FOUR 120mm fans, TWO 200mm fans

ATI 5850 -gpu (possibly crossfire in the next year or two)

1 Dvd burner

1 Blu Ray burner


Im most likely going with a 5770, just incase that'd increase/decrease power consumption... so 5770, with possible Xfire.
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    Recommendations from SapphireTech website
    Single 5850: 500 Watt or greater power supply with 2x 75W 6-pin PCI Express® power connector
    CF 5850: 600 Watt and four 6-pin connectors

    Single 5770: 450 Watt or greater power supply with 1x 75W 6-pin PCI Express® power connector recommended
    CF 5770: 600 Watt and two 6-pin connectors

    A couple good choices to look at: Antec True Power New 650W / Antec Earthwatts 750 / Corsair 750TX
    It's the 4 PCi-e connectors that upsized the Antec Earthwatts 750 and Corsair 750. The 650W models only have 2 connectors unlike the Antec True Power New 650W with its four connectors.
  2. ^5 +1 what WR2 said.
  3. OK; this is mildly interesting. The Antec TruePower New Blue 750W has free shipping with it's $105 price.
    The 650W $100 and 750W (standard, not Blue) $110 do not have free shipping making the New Blue 750W the less expensive in total. Shipping charges are something to keep in mind whenever you see oddities like that.

    edit; the New Blue 750W's blue LED lighting might clash with the Storm Scout's red theme. Or are you going with the Storm Sniper in blue theme?

    edit; besides checking shipping charges there are those combo deals to check out too.
    This one is interesting - CM Storm Scout and OCZ ModStream 700 PSU $170 plus $30 rebate $140 a/r You give up 2x 6pin PCI-e connectors making a CF 5850 option just slightly less attractive wiring job using molex to pci-e converters.
    That compares to $190 for CM Scout and Antec TruePower New 650W
  4. So a 750 would do for Xfire?

    Thanks.. I'll give corsair's a look... Im a corsair guy. I've used 3 in builds, including mine and have had nothing but good things to say about them and their customer support.
  5. WR2 - Same thing with the Corsair power supplies. Between discounts, free shipping, and mail-in rebates the TX850 is a better buy than the TX750 or the HX650 (those are the three with four PCI-e power connectors for Crossfire mode).
  6. Ahhhhhhhh go figure. Just shows you want to look at ALL the angles when you looking for the best deal. And NewEgg isnt always the lowest either.

    @ OP I think you'd be very safe getting the Corsair 650TX even for 2x 5850s. It's better performing than some average 750W units.
    If you end up doing the single 5850 and then upgrading that to a single 2011 video card a 650TX would also be fine.
  7. The 650 is a good PSU, it's what im using in my current gaming rig... I'll look on newegg at price dif. between the 650 and 750.

    And you're right about newegg not always being the lowest. The case Im getting for this build is $144+ shipping... I've found it at other places for $120 plus $20 shipping.. so it'll still come out cheaper.
  8. Thumbs are missing again, so another +1 for WR2. The semi-modular design of the Antec Truepower could really improve your wiring with only one GPU in there; you can add more wires only when you need them.
    Also, it is a small point, but the Antec Truepower is 80+ bronze vs. 80+ for the others.
  9. Of the 2 you listed the Corsair 750TX is worth the extra $5.

    But throwing out a bit of a curve I think the Antec TruePower New TP-750 Blue 750W is also worth the extra $5 over the Corsair. JonnyGuru review & Hardware Secrets review
    And I have a suspicion it would look pretty sweet in that CM Storm Sniper case.
  10. The Scout & the Sniper are TWO DIFFERENT CASES. I have the Scout and although it's a bit on the small side, it does just fine for me. Air flow is wonderful and it's quiet.
  11. rodney_ws said:
    The Scout & the Sniper are TWO DIFFERENT CASES. I have the Scout and although it's a bit on the small side, it does just fine for me. Air flow is wonderful and it's quiet.

    Yeah, I meant Storm Sniper*... so don't get your panties in a bunch. lol.

    With the scout, I've heard people say it's really hard to SLI/Xfire with full sized cards.
  12. I own the Scout and it would be near-impossible to have one 5870... much less two. Now the 5850 (the card I have), it would comfortably hold two of those.
  13. And I really like the Sniper... excellent looking case... just couldn't justify the extra $$$ for it. I got my Scout for $89 shipped. For a brand name case with 3 big fans, a light controller (ok, it's just a button that turns the lights off) and a solid black interior... kinda hard to beat that!
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