Strange Memory Problem - G.skill F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL

I've never encountered this problem before but before I send them out for RMA I figured I would post the problem here.

Basic system:
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3
CPU: Intel i5 750
RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 2x2GB DDR3 1600F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL
OS: Windows 7

Recently put this system together and have no seen issues with stability in the week that it has been built. Randomly the PC internal speaker would let out a very quick blip while in Windows, I had the fan alarms set so I figured it might just be a millisecond when the fan lead didn't pickup correctly. Also, sometimes during reboots and startups the computer would not post and the BIOS error for memory (endless fast beeping) would kick in for unknown reasons. A few tries of the reset button would get the system to post. Since that time I've updated the bios to the newest revision (f4) and turned off all the fan warnings.

Now, everything for the time being in bios is on the optimized defaults. With the new f4 bios I don't get the random beep in Windows anymore but I do occasionally have one of my ram sticks 'disappearing' from Windows as it reads only 2Gb of memory. Also, occasionally the system will post with only 2GB of ram showing.

I've reseated the RAM, changed positions and it still happens. I think I found the offending stick and the problem is strange... I run memtest86+ on it, and it passes all the tests fine, and then if I reboot directly after (or after any kind of memory intensive program) that the stick won't post. BUT if I just let the system hammer that stick like either running prime95 or memtest86+ I get no errors for hours. Just that once it's heated up and I reboot, it won't post or occasionally it disappears from Windows.

I'm guessing this should be RMA'd? Just seems weird that no tests show any errors, just it doesn't like being heated up and then left alone or something since then it'll disappear from Windows or just not post.
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  1. I can check the timing settings from SPD as to whether they have been properly defined at the production. Please post here the SPD dump from your memory modules.
  2. Hopefully this is what you wanted by an SPD dump. Wasn't quite sure...

    Both sticks are installed (2x2GB) but after a memtest86+ run the first stick (DIMM1) didn't post. You can see that Windows recognizes that the RAM is there but it is disabled or 'hardware reserved.'

    Rebooted and pulled the assumed good stick so I was running the single 'bad' stick 2GB while running prime95 in the background:

    After prime95 ran for about 10-15 min the stick wouldn't post for about 3+ minutes during a reboot so I decided to put back the second stick and after a few reboots I got them both to post:

    Ran 2 instances of prime 95 for about 10 minute and rebooted. I couldn't get the system to post after 3-4 minutes so I decided to reseat the chips. After fooling with it some more and letting stuff cool down all was able to post and boot again. The weird thing is that I never have had any stability issues with the RAM nor whenever it's tested (if I can get it to post and Windows or Memtest to find it) it passes all the tests fine for hours.
  3. Unable to see data as it's too small, zoom isn't working for me.
    So simple question as farmboy was heading you to , what clock speed are you running the memory chips at and did you set the voltage to manufacturers requirements for that clock speed as is illustrated in the spd data?
    Sorry I can't read the nice images you posted.
    Update read some reviews including one from the Gskill moderator who stated in writing need to set for 1.6v at 1600mhz for some boards. However since you have I5 which is precessor limited to 1333mhz 1.5v should be ok at 1333.
    Gskill has a formum with specific settings available for certain boards!
  4. At least for me I can click on the images to get them to full size. If that doesn't work here are direct links in the same order as above:

    One stick did not post but shows up in Windows

    Running only the stick I am assuming is bad, while running Prime95:

    Both post:

    The memory I have is this one:

    But due to the i5 limitation the memory is running currently @ 1333MHz @ 1.5v (auto) vs its 1600MHz spec but for the time being that's fine. I just want it stable and reliable. Part of the reason I decided to buy these memory chips was because they are specced to run @ the stock Intel memory voltage of 1.5v vs lots of these other modules which are specced to run @ 1.6v+. So if these need more then 'auto' which I assume starts @ 1.5v @ startup, and since it's only one module that is giving me grief, seems like it should be replaced?

    Any insight though would be appreciated!
  5. Did you ever resolve this? I've read elsewhere these are quite flexible modules.

    i.e. you can stay a default clock-speed and lower timing right down to 7 or thereabouts.
    Or you can ramp right up and loosen timings a little,, the latter being with more voltage of course.

    Any idea what the main differecne between it and these modules are?

    Just different default timings? Cheers!
  6. vaga13ond/anyone? Thank-you.
    I've started a new thread to identify the best amongst their 2x 2GB PC3-12800 range.
  7. anyone please? Thanks!
  8. RMA'd and the new pair exhibit none of these posting problems. At stock voltage and keeping the speed @ 1333 I've been able to tighten up the timings to 6cst on these which seems to be decent since these aren't high performance modules.
  9. vaga13ond said:
    RMA'd and the new pair exhibit none of these posting problems. At stock voltage and keeping the speed @ 1333 I've been able to tighten up the timings to 6cst on these which seems to be decent since these aren't high performance modules.

    Good to hear your issues are gone, I've just placed an order myself!

    So you weren't able to lower voltage a little after lowering to 1333Mhz?
    I guess remaining at 1.35v & simultaneously lowering to 6-6-6-18 (is that what you meant) is still a pretty good effort!?

    How are they for OC'ing?
    Of course they're not going to be the same as TD, RJ, or RH DDR-1600's, but occasional mild OC's would be nice.

  10. Woops I forgot yours "are" RJ CL9, I was talking about Eco CL7.
    I posted in this thread before I had started to investigate them.
    And have since started to settle on F3-12800CL7D-4GECO
    I'd still be interested in your thoughts on RJ though, thanks!
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