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Is this an alright build?

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July 15, 2009 3:47:49 PM

Hi, I already have the Case, PSU and Mobo. All advice is welcome and appreciated.

Xion Solaries ATX mid. (I think i might have to change this. Impulsive buy!) I'm worried about heat issues with this case. Has 2x 80mm. fans, side and back. It also has a space for a 90mm fan in front.

Gigabyte GA-UP45-UD3P

Corsair Tx650w

Intel E8500

XFX Radeon HD4870

Please fill in the blank. This is confusing the crap out of me. If i go PC2800 on this setup, doesn't that cause a bottleneck? (I'm a noob)

I want to Western Digital 1TB. 10000RPM. Recommendations please, Raid0, go single etc...

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July 15, 2009 4:00:08 PM

get a coolermaster 690 instead of that case, 80mm fans are old news.

mobo's ok, see comment on CPU.

PSU's ok

CPU's ok however I would recommend swapping this for a phenom II 720 and a corresponding AM2+ or AM3 motherboard as you'll get an extra core while having similar performance in single threaded apps, it's also a bit cheaper.

Gfx card is ok

ram, you'll want DDR2 1066MHz CL5 if you go with the intel build or AM2+ mobo and AMD CPU, or DDR3 1600MHz CL9 if you go with the AM3 mobo and AMD CPU.

HDD, just get a single Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB 32MB, or on failure to find one of those, get a Seagate 1TB 32MB 7200.12.