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I recently purchased an LCD monitor for my gaming computer(see link below) and I have noticed a problem with the screen. As stated in the title there are faint lines that flicker horizontally across the screen. I notice this especially during game cinematics or when the screen quickly turns to a solid color. I do not think that this is a problem with my system, rather I believe it is a problem with my monitor. Any suggestions? Should I just return it or is there something that has to be changed in my settings?

Btw, yes I did download the monitor's drivers.

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  1. I have noticed that I will get faint lines on my screen when I am running certain resolutions on my monitor. 1280x720 doesn't do it, but 1366x768 will. Test the same programs with your resolution set to the native resolution on your monitor.

    What you are describing might also be what is known as "tearing". Enabling Vertical Sync (V-Sync) may also solve your issues.
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