Need some gfx card advice

so right now im running this system setup:

Processor: Amd x3 Phenom II 720 (oced to 3.2 ghz, voltages left at 1.325 default)

Mobo: Gigabyte MA790GP-UD4H

Ram: G.Skill-PI 4GB Kit (2x2G) DDR2 1066

GFX Card: Gainward 8600gt ( i know i know it sucks had iot for awhile now)

case: Thermaltake Xaser V damier

HDDs: 2 ide HDDs 160gb and 120gb and 1 sata Hdd 320gb

PSU: Antec Earthwatts 500w PSU

now my question is im looking to upgrade my rather dated vid card

ones im looking at are

inno3d GTX 275


inno3d GTX 260+

would be getting them from a local shop and as far as i know both cards are referance cards with more or less stock cooling and no factory OC

did a lot of research and most signs point that even using a core i7 and gtx 275 only draws around 320 watts on load

and my psu can pump 408 over the 12v rails so will i be fine? with the 275?

any one got a similar setup and can give me some feed back
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  1. That psu will handle the i7 and gtx275
  2. thanks for the quick answer, good to know that my psu can handle an i7 and gtx275

    should have no troubles with my 720 x3 and a gtx275

    thanks again
  3. ^ What is the resolution of the monitor??? I ask this because if you have a low resolution monitor, then there is no point wasting money on a GTX 275...
  4. 22" 1680x1050 the 260 is strong enough at that res but the price diff is only about $40 so i figured id go for some future proofing
  5. ^ Yup...
    For that resolution, the GTX 275 is also a good buy...
    But you can even check out the HD 4890...If that is cheaper, then get that card...the performance is similar to the GTX 275...
  6. yeah the 4890 is cheaper but i prefer nvidias driver support compared to ati's my mates got a 4870 and has had some problems with ati
  7. I have had ATI cards for years, and have always being systematic with driver updates (Driver sweeper and reboot before installing new ones) and I have never had a single problem with ATI drivers. I might be the exception that proves the rule, but IMO driver issues are most often from user error. It is only the least computer savvy of my friends that have issues with their drivers (ATI and Nvidia equally).
  8. true enough, but i think ill stick with nvidia, like the idea of ambient occlusion and tbh im too used to nvidias control panel dont think i could go back to catalyst control center lol, thanks for the advice, and confirmation of my psus capabilitys
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