Cannot boot from hibernate

We were in hibernate. When powering on, the light near the power supply and the light near the switch and the fans come on and stay on. The lights on the keyboard come on momentarily and go out.The display comes on and then goes out. There is no clicking. The display remains black. There are no discs in the drives and only the keyboard, mouse and display are connected. The same happens when I tried another hard drive. I have replugged the hard drive and the switch wires and cables. Does anyone have a clue?
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  1. I've seen this happen with Windows 7 RC. I'm waiting to see if I still have the same problem with the the release version before I worry about it too much. My solution is to remove power to the machine (ie, turn off the power switch on the power supply itself or unplug the power cable), wait a couple of seconds, and then plug it back in again and boot.

    The machine takes longer to come up when you do this, but it does resume from hibernate mode and all the programs that were running and any open documents or data that they're using are still intact.
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