4850x2 vs gtx 285

I'm currently considering to buy a new card, it'll be an upgrade from a 8800gt. I've been reading some reviews about these two and it seems that 4850x2 is not equivalent but a close follower of gtx 285. I know there's the issue of driver support for the 4850x2. So my question is: how good does the 4850x2 with the current ccc drivers do against a gtx 285 and is the gtx 285 worth the money? (there's about a $100 gap btw the two). Thanks in advance.
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  1. $100... i've had experience with both and you will not notice a $100... possibly not even a $10 difference.... at that high-end end, the difference is very slim

  2. the driver issue is wat keeps most prople away from the 4850x2 if you can get it to work correctly, u should have a good card
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