Computer wont stop BEEPING! HELP?!?

I bought this computer from craigslist. Everything works fine (or thought it did) but when I run mutiple programs at once it starts beeping. Sometimes it will just beep for a second then stop then beep and so on. Other times it will just keep making a beeping sound and not stop until i close out some programs. I think the cpu is overclocked because its an AMD Phenom 2 x4 940 and its running at about 3.4 ghz. Everywhere i have looked says they run at 3.0ghz. So the only thing i came up with is that its running to hot. If that is the problem then how do i set the cpu back to stock settings? Also it has 2 western digital caviar green 640gb hard drives in raid-0. I have read in a few forums that you shouldnt run the caviar greens in raid-0. If this is the problem then how would i fix it?

I know the basics on building computers but when it comes to overclocking i have no clue. Also whats a good program/software that i can get to see what temps my computer componets are running at? Thanks for all and any help you can give me!

Computer specs...
Gigabyte GA-MA75GM-S2H, AMD Phenom 2 x4 940, XFX radeon HD 4870 1gb, ocz reaper (2x2gb) 1066, 2 WD caviar green in raid-0
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  1. Download RealTemp for your temps, also CPUID and HWMonitor for other information too.

    I agree, I think its going over its temperature warning (which you can set in the BIOS settings). You'll be able to tell once you get some readings.

    To load the CPU down (to get accurate temp readings) we recommend using Prime95 (another tool which is free to download and use). Be warned though, if your temps are already too high don't run a torture test as this will heat up a CPU more than normal usage does and does it very quickly.

    Edit: sorry I haven't overclocked an AMD before, so can't say specifically what options in the BIOS need changing, but to get it back to stock the basic theory is to find the host clock or bus speed and set it to auto (or if your CPU is a black edition, then you may just need to lower the multiplier), then set VCore to auto as well.
  2. Thanks... i will download those programs and see whats going on. It is the black edition by the way...
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