Looking for : Everyday CPU cooler , no overclocking

Im looking for a CPU fan and heatsink for an AMD Phenom II 965BE 3.4Ghz Deneb 3 CPU.
I do not overclock. Im running a Scyth Katana 3 fan on it now and Im not impressed by it. It was a low cost fan and heatsink so Im not upset or anything but I am looking to replace it in the near future.

What am I looking for ?

1. Something that keeps the CPU cooler than stock
2. Size is not a concern as a new case will be purchased afterward anyway, still I don't need it to be mamouth either.
3. Cost ? I would say 25-75 dollars would be the budget.
4. I have Artic silver paste in stock
5. Quiet would be nice but not a deal breaker unless it's like a hair dryer noise level.

Basocally I am just looking for a decent CPU heatsink and fan that keeps the temps lower than stock, easy to install would be a plus but not required. The stock AMD fan is ok but it just seems flimsy to me. The Scyth I have never seems to seat properly, I would like something that is not loose when installed.

I was looking at the Cooler master Hyper 212 any thoughts on this one ?
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  1. It's a good one for the price, and will outperform the stock cooler. It's usually the first recommendation when someone wants an inexpensive after-market cooler.
  2. +1 Hyper 212+ good choice
  3. Why do you need better than your current fan if your not overclocking?
  4. Cygnus x-1 said:
    Why do you need better than your current fan if your not overclocking?

    As I mentioned, I wanted something cooler than stock and that the stock one I had seemed flimsy to me. The Scyth fan does nothing to improve temps in fact they are exactly the same as the AMD fan. Lastly I have always been interested in different cooling solutions for my boxes. Kind of a fascination with fans. I like them. Some of my builds in the past have had several fans used in them over there time. Just the hobby side of it for me I guess.
  5. Ok, I'm just surprised any decent aftermarket cooler including the one you have isn't better than stock. I can tell you from experience the 212 plus does a good job on the hot running i7 920. I gets about the same temps as stock overclocked to 3.6-3.8, so at stock frequency you should be well under what your getting now.

    I could recommend better more expansive coolers but I don't see the need being that your not overclocking.
  6. I heard that the Thermaltake Frio is pretty good, but it's 2x the cost of hyper 212+ and only cools around 3C better or so. There should be a chart somewhere.

    Product: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835106150

    Chart: http://www.frostytech.com/articleview.cfm?articleid=2523&page=4

    The Frio should also be quieter. I've heard the Hyper 212+ being a good choice though. I'd probably get one later on. Currently overclocked to 3.5GHz (My 3.6GHz overclock in my sig was not stable because I used the auto-overclock function. Will overclock further later... Don't want too hot of a temp.).

    EDIT: Scratch everything I said...Frio looks pretty loud at max. Only reason it beat the Hyper 212+ in temps I bet...
  7. If your looking for complete silence you can go water cooling with a massive radiator for passive cooling. Or maybe a Noctua D14 with the slower moving larger fans.
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