Please help i accidentally deleted 100mb partition in win7 and my all partitions

i had windows7 installed on my 500 gb western digital hdd.
i want to install xp on c drive so

first i deleted 100 mb partition with the help of win xp disk (all the partitions are still there at that time) and then i formatted my c drive. the partitions are still there but when i restarted my pc to install fresh xp, all my partitions are gone somewhere. it shows only 465 gb of hdd...... then i did not install anything on it and didn't reformat or repartitioned my hdd. are there any chances to recover all partitions.

i had no operating system to install any recovery software. hdd shows only 465 gb of unpartitioned space only.

what to do..... please help !.......

Thanks in Advance

God BLess....
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  1. 465g seems to me to be the full partition volume of a 500g drive and nothing wrong with it.
  2. i had preinstalled windows seven on my 500 GB HDD

    and i had four partitions and lots of data on it .......

    i said that i want to install win xp over seven so i formatted that first 100 mb partition and c: drive....

    and i lost my all partitions.....
  3. It appears you actually did delete ALL your Partitions, not just the first one. I also note you seem to be a little confused over the distinction between Partitioning a HDD unit and Formatting one Partition.

    I suggest what you actually need is software to recover your Partitions. Check out Easeus Partition Recovery Software at

    Note that you probably do NOT want their product called Partition Table Doctor - it does NOT claim to work for HDD's set up by Win 7.

    This MAY be the only type of tool you need. If what really happened is simply that the Partition Table was wiped clean but no changes were made to the rest of the HDD, recovering the Partitions (that is, re-writing the Partition Table) may get all your data available again.
  4. Thanks i will try
  5. Quote:
    "i had no operating system to install any recovery software. hdd shows only 465 gb of unpartitioned space only. "
    I'm a little bit confused by what you said now.If you don't have a system,how can you view the property of your drive?Actually,you did have a operating system.And then,you can recover the data on the hard drive by using a data recovery program.
    I think Tenorshare Data Recovery will help with your problem.It's equipped with four critical modules:"delete recovery", "format recovery", "partition recovery" and "raw recovery". It may help with your case with "partition recovery".

    EVERYTHING that you do that writes to the damaged drive will reduce the chances of recovery. Adding a recovery program to the boot drive WILL reduce the chances of recovery. You need to either use a recovery program that is bootable or put the bad drive into a computer with the recovery program loaded into the good computer.

    This really isn't as easy as it sounds. I do this in my business and it sometimes takes days to recover a drive. Unless you have irreplaceable data on it, it is often not worth the bother. I have never found one program that could recover every drive. It often takes several programs to get everything. Since each program can take a day, or more, on a large drive, it is a very slow process.
  6. i am giving here the details what happened.........

    i had purchased 500 gb hdd and had created 4 partitions as primary partitions, and installed win-7 on c drive.

    after some time i had copied all my other data on to it.

    then after 4-5 months i want to install xp on c drive

    so using xp bootable cd, i had formatted first 100 mb partition and then c drive.

    after formatting 100 mb partition of win 7 and c drive, i restart my pc for the further installation of xp, all my partition are gone. and the screen shows only 465 GB of space.

    and then after didn't write any thing on it.

    Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi ! Thanks for reply.

    Tell me how can i use the WIN7 installation disc to fix the system.

    can windows 7 installation disk will help me to recover/review my partitions ????

    please give info in detail. that how can i recover all my data with the help of win 7 installation disk.

    God Bless.

    Thanks & Regards
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    When you boot to the windows 7 installation disk you will see an option to "repair'
    Click on start up repair. IF windows can read the "backup copy of your system configuration that was stored in the 100 mb partition it MAY be able to restore your system. If that was overwritten or deleted by windows XP, Win 7 will probably not beable to repair. (NOTE wind 7 and XP are not compatable and require a clean install when going from one to the other.

    If that does not work SEE:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=b4f2a6b65f0a4e00&biw=1026&bih=669

    May Not help this time, But in future when ever you do something drastic to your HDD, MAKE a backup of your DATA as a Minium.
    Also with Windows 7. If you use the Backup function under the control panel you can create (1) an Image of your C drive (plus the 100 mb partition to a 2nd HDD or dvds about 3->5). To restore all you need to do is insert the Win Installation disk and select repair, then from an image file. This will put Windows 7 and ALL your programs back just like the computer was before. (2) you can then also back up the other partitions (Your Data).
  9. Thank You All, You all are solvers....

    i read the whole post today. and made deceision to start a recovery of my hdd

    first i use easues partition recoverry software and recovered 100 mb partition with the help of other computer.....

    and then after using win 7 installation disk. in drive option choosing area pc shows all of my partitions.

    i installed clean copy of win 7 and now i can see all of my partitions.

    Thank You All

    God Bless You All
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